Webble Guys are a workplace health and wellness solutions provider, who through the use of their flagship product WebbleMove! change at risk sedentary workforces into physically and socially enabled employees who are ultimately healthier and more productive.  Established in 2012 for the purpose of developing and testing a PhD research-driven software platform within health insurance industry partner HBF, Webble Guys continue to develop WebbleMove! into a cross-sector commercial software solution, that has already achieved strong corporate interest from across Australia, the UK and the USA.

Webble Guys Pty Ltd is an emerging corporate health and wellbeing company applying innovative approaches to reducing the health risk posed to desk-bound employees within office environments.  Flagship software product, “WebbleMove!” was validated by research conducted during Darren Webb’s ECU PhD then commercialised.

With a strong focus on promoting safe, socially-supported physical activity tasks, “Webble Move!” is designed to enhance workplace health culture and build social cohesion amongst otherwise disengaged and/or sedentary employees.

Far from being just software, “WebbleMove!” has also allowed the on-site integration of ECU exercise physiology practicum students to regularly engage with workforces to assist in the maintenance of employee participation, where these students offer a uniquely preventative approach to workplace health.  Just as importantly, ECU students directly benefit through having their own supervised practicum placement experiences greatly enriched by establishing “WebbleMove!” teams, setting workplace goals and running management supported competitions.

“WebbleMove!” optimisies workstyle behaviours through customisable, regular cardiovascular (aerobic), resistance (strength and conditioning) and stretching (flexibility) activity prompts, and is supported by an already state and national innovation award-winning development team.

Darren, Andrew and Quentin

One of us has played ukulele on a children’s sing-a-long CD dressed as a cowboy.

One of us has had his laptop washed by a Nobel Laureate.

One of us has five children.

One of us had a fortieth birthday party in a building that was demolished the following week (Not as a result).

One of us current lives in the USA.

One of our brothers married the other’s niece.

One of us is a director of the Be Inspired Foundation (no points for reading the shirt).

All of us have limited fashion sense.

All of us have very “Straylian” sense’s of humour (aka we think we’re funny).

All of us are passionate about giving everyone the chance to lead healthier and happier lives.


City of Wanneroo–Wanneroo Business Association – Business Awards 2017 - Innovation Category Finalist

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City of Wanneroo–Wanneroo Business Association – Business Awards 2018 - Innovation Category Runner Up

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