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What is WebbleMove! ?

WebbleMove! is a health platform that puts you in charge of your own health outcomes by providing prompts for physical activity and team-based support.

Why WebbleMove! ?

Research shows that sitting at a desk all day can have a serious impacts upon your health.

For those who don’t do much exercise – if any – the health risks are even worse.

Even having a sit-stand desk will do little to offset this health risk, after all, standing is not exercise.

The challenge up until now has been, how to incorporate movement regularly into a busy daily routine.

How can WebbleMove! help?

WebbleMove! provides a range of easy to follow, low-impact exercises that can be conveniently performed anywhere, providing organisations with a unique opportunity to improve both their physical activity and corporate social cultures.

What does WebbleMove! do:

  • Regularly prompts PA tasks (resistance, flexibility & basic cardio) to be completed wherever you are,
  • Tracks task completion and allows teams to be formed for enjoyable organisation-based competition,
  • Enables individual, team and corporate communications to promote physical activity and social cohesion within the organisation,
  • Changes existing organisation sedentary health risk cultures, into those that promote preventative health and wellbeing among participants.

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Don’t just take our word for it, here are some WebbleMove! testimonials showing lives being changed.

“Employed as a workplace trainer, I encouraged my trainees to participate with Thera-Band® exercise every time I was prompted as a research participant. I found this was extremely well adopted, improving trainee learning focus and completely avoiding the 3.30pm slump, commonplace with long days of sedentary computer-based training.”
“After years of suffering with chronic back pain, your program has had a significant effect on reducing this by up to an estimated 90%. I am also now much happier at work and even my sleep has improved due to a reduction in pain.”
“As a result of participation, I have felt more energetic upon arriving home, have started walking more which encouraged my husband to walk with me and as a result he as lost weight. In a case of leading by example, our kids now also walk more instead of spending so much time in front of the television and PlayStation.”



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