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Finding 30 in 9 to 5

WebbleMove! originated from a PhD research project designed to increase the amount of physical activity Australian desk-bound workers were able to participate in while at work.  Titled “Finding 30 in 9 to 5”, the program was trialed within a corporate office setting to identify how social media can assist in the delivery and engagement of employees with corporate wellbeing programs.

Conducted in partnership with iconic West Australian health insurance provider HBF, the research demonstrated the tangible physical and mental wellbeing benefits of employer-endorsed regular movement.  Just some of the positive participant testimonials are available here.

Completed in 2015, the thesis was titled: “Investigating the value of workplace-endorsed social media for improving deskbound employee physical activity program engagement and reducing sedentary behaviour health risks” and is freely available here.

Research participants in action and the program logo

Company formed and world domination planned

Based upon a number of elements that corporate wellbeing programs didn’t offer at the time, it became clear that the innovative approaches used in this research were effectively aligned with the emerging research in physical activity (and inactivity) guidelines globally.  Following the research, progressing this to a commercially viable solution for not just sedentary corporate (desk-based) employees, became the new objective and thus Australian-based company “Webble Guys Pty Ltd” was born.

A composite of three of the four early founder’s names, Webble (Webb – Gribble) Guys (from Guy) named their software platform WebbleMove! to reflect a focus upon the importance of regular movement rather than intense exercise or fitness which is often seen as undesirable by those with challenging health conditions and / or those exposed to highly sedentary (work / school / aged-care / hospital) environments and cultures.

While on the surface Webble Guys are a health and wellness solution provider seeking to promote physically active work / lifestyles within a world of increasing chronic disease, ageing populations, and exponentially expanding treatment costs, we ultimately see our business as humanitarian.  We strongly believe this because giving people access to WebbleMove!, offers individuals and organisations the capability to not only prevent a wide-variety of lifestyle-related diseases, but give people a better quality of life.

FYI – World domination still in progress…

So who are the Webble Guys?

Darren Webb, Andrew Wade and Quentin Gribble

Time to play Guess Who

  • One of us has played ukulele on a children’s sing-a-long CD dressed as a cowboy.
  • One of us has had his laptop washed by a Nobel Laureate.
  • One of us has five children.
  • One of us had a fortieth birthday party in a building that was demolished the following week (Not as a result).
  • One of us currently lives in the USA.
  • One of our brothers married the other’s niece.
  • All of us have limited fashion sense.
  • All of us have a very “Straylian” sense of humour (aka we think we’re funny).
  • All of us are passionate about giving everyone the chance to lead healthier and happier lives.

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