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WebbleMove! Registration (Example)

As part of the WebbleMove! registration process, all participants are required to review the following (global standard) exercise suitability questionnaire and safety guidelines in order to make their participation as safe and as enjoyable as possible.  In order to complete your registration, you must have approved both boxes.

1) Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (2020 PAR-Q+)

The health benefits of regular physical activity are clear; more people should engage in physical activity every day of the week. Participating in physical activity is very safe for MOST people.  This questionnaire will tell you whether it is necessary for you to seek further advice from your doctor OR a qualified exercise professional before becoming more physically active.

Please carefully read and answer these questions (Yes/No), using common sense as your best guide in making an honest response for your own circumstances.

1) Has your doctor ever said that you have a heart condition OR high blood pressure ?

2) Do you feel pain in your chest at rest, during your daily activities of living, OR when you do physical activity?

3) Do you lose balance because of dizziness OR have you lost consciousness in the last 12 months?

Please answer NO if your dizziness was associated with over-breathing (including during vigorous exercise).

4) Have you ever been diagnosed with another chronic medical condition (other than heart disease or high blood pressure)?

5) Are you currently taking prescribed medications for a chronic medical condition?

6) Do you currently have (or have had within the past 12 months) a bone, joint, or soft tissue (muscle, ligament, or tendon) problem that could be made worse by becoming more physically active?

7) Has your doctor ever said that you should only do medically supervised physical activity?

If you answered:

  • YES to one or more questions, please talk with your doctor before you start physical activity, telling them about the 2020 PAR-Q+ and highlighting the questions to which you answered YES.  The full assessment may be accessed here.  You may be able to do any activity you want, provided you start slowly and build up gradually, or you may need to restrict your activities to those which are safe for you.
  • NO honestly to all 2020 PAR-Q+ questions, you can be reasonably sure that you can safely start becoming more physically active.  Taking part in a fitness appraisal is an excellent way to determine your fitness level, which should include having your blood pressure evaluated.

Please note that if your health changes so that you answer YES to any of the above questions, we recommend you consult your doctor before continuing.  Accordingly, if you are currently not feeling well because of a temporary illness (i.e.  cold or fever) you should refrain from participating, until you feel better.  If you are pregnant, please consult your doctor before participating in this exercise based program.

“I have read, understood and completed the 2020 PAR-Q+, answering NO to all of the questions.”  (Tickbox within WebbleMove! registration).

2) WebbleMove! Safety Guidelines & Disclaimer

The following safety guidelines have been developed to provide maximum participant benefit while increasing the safe practice of the demonstrated exercise activities.

WebbleMove! is NOT designed to make you an elite athlete nor promote the development of specific muscle groups that makes you the envy of your peers.  Rather, it is designed to assist you to become a healthier person through maintaining an active daily lifestyle, and having fun at the same time.  By specifically breaking up any prolonged daily sitting through regular physical activities and supportive social networks, a wide range of health and social benefits can be yours.


All the exercises demonstrated within WebbleMove! have been reviewed by Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) accredited exercise physiologists for safe and effective performance by individuals meeting the 2020 PAR-Q+ criteria.  While WebbleMove! uniquely enables these exercise activities within “untraditional” environments, including office spaces, classrooms, hospitals, aged-care facilities as well as outside, it should be noted that performing these exercises correctly poses no greater harm than performing them under supervision at a traditional gym.  In fact, WebbleMove! is much safer.

To ensure the safety of both others and yourself, please be aware of anyone around you and ensure your movements do not increase risk or cause harm to them.  Technique is important and we strongly advise you to follow the exercise instructions to ensure you perform them safely and correctly for maximum health benefit.

Exercise intensity

It is up to the individual to gauge the exercise task intensity with which they are comfortable.  Many WebbleMove! activities have multiple “difficulty” levels with the idea being that the harder the intensity level of the tasks you complete, the more “Webbles” (or WebbleMove! points) you can earn as a result.

Exercise intensity can be modified to suit an individual by adjusting any one of the following factors, which include:

  • Adjusting the resistance effort of the exercise (using higher resistance TheraBand®),
  • Doing more repetitions of an exercise,
  • Performing the exercise for a longer duration,
  • Performing more controlled movements of an exercise,
  • Or by doing an exercise in a modified position (to increase resistance).

WebbleMove! comes with a selectable range of colour-coded TheraBand® resistance levels, which offer progressive strength challenge for your muscles.  So if you do wish to step up to a new challenge, talk to your administrator about progressing from red (easy) to green (medium) to blue (harder).


You are required to use your own judgement regarding participation, and not perform those exercises that you perceive could pose a risk to your health, such as exercising your arm when you have a sore shoulder, etc.  By participating, you acknowledge a duty of care (legal obligation) to yourself and others, to perform all exercises with the correctly demonstrated technique in a safe manner within your environment.  At regular intervals (monthly), please check your exercise equipment (TheraBand®) for any signs of wear and tear and if your equipment is damaged in any way, please do not use it and ask your WebbleMove! Coordinator for another piece.

For those who know of their potential to or subsequently experience any skin contact allergic reaction to using regular TheraBand® (which is a natural rubber product), Latex-Free TheraBand® can be provided upon request.


Your acknowledgement below releases the product developers (Webble Guys Pty Ltd), as well as authorising/supply parties of WebbleMove! from any and all responsibility for issues arising from: participant misunderstanding, false declaration, defamation, misuse or adverse outcome as a result of participation.

I have read the above information making me aware of my requirements to:

  • Act safely through following the demonstrated exercise technique,
  • Assess any exercise enabling equipment for safe use, prior to my usage of it,
  • Be aware of others exercising and be considerate with my own exercise actions,
  • Respect others within my environment, and follow any existing codes of conduct.

I also solemnly promise not to raise up an army of TheraBand® wielding, superhuman Webble Movers, with which I will conquer the earth and enslave those whom inhabit it.  (Tickbox within WebbleMove! registration).


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