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Healthy Parks

Advances in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are rapidly evolving, offering innovative new services within council managed environments.  Two Perth-based companies (yStop and Webble Guys) have partnered to offer a public health program that can assist councils to better activate their recreational spaces for local resident health and social benefits.

The proposed introduction of smart seating into council-managed recreational spaces, can now deliver, through advancements in IoT, a “Healthy Parks” community driven public health strategy via the award-winning health and wellbeing platform WebbleMove!

WebbleMove! promotes the uptake of regular, easy to follow, physical activity tasks to physically inactive (sedentary) populations in workplaces, schools, hospitals and aged-care environments, in a fun and engaging, gamified format.

Based upon PhD research, this unique physical activity prompting and instructional platform, can be adapted to encourage community residents to participate in exercise physiologist approved tasks in community park settings.

What does the Healthy Parks program offer:

  • Enables positive community social interaction
  • Delivers an evidence-based preventative health to unreached populations
  • Aligned with Local Government Public Health Plans
  • Showcases local government innovation
  • Increases usage of council recreational facilities
The WA Health Department’s Sustainable Health Review of 2017 and the resultant report identified a top priority to “Increase and sustain focus and investment in public health, with prevention rising to at least five per cent of total health expenditure by July 2029.”  Given current total health expenditure of 1.6% (inc Commonwealth, State and Local Government), in context of preventable chronic diseases are responsible for 73% of deaths in WA, trialing innovative and evidence-based preventative approaches like WebbleMove! makes undeniable sense.

This Healthy Parks collaboration between yStop and Webble Guys offers local government organisations an opportunity to lead the way in engaging their own resident populations in the future of community-based health and wellbeing strategies.


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