WebbleMove! originated from a PhD research project designed increase the amount of physical activity Australian desk-bound workers were able to participate in while at work.  Titled “Finding 30 in 9 to 5”, the program was trialed within a corporate office setting to identify how social media can assist in the delivery of such programs.  From there, Webble Guys were born and after several enhancements, WebbleMove! has now been developed to cater for a wide-range of typically sedentary environments.

Webble Guys are a workplace health and wellness solutions provider, who through the use of their flagship product WebbleMove! change at risk sedentary workforces into physically and socially enabled employees who are ultimately healthier and more productive.  Established in 2012 for the purpose of developing and testing a PhD research-driven software platform within industry partner HBF, Webble Guys continue to develop WebbleMove! into a cross-sector commercial software solution, that has already achieved strong corporate interest from across Australia, the UK and the USA.