WebbleMove! offers you a fun, engaging way to participate in regular health-benefiting physical activity with friends and family, wherever you may be.  Not only does it prompt and show you how to perform a wide range of safe, low-impact physical activities, it is designed to help you create a healthier and less sedentary way of life.

In a nutshell, WebbleMove! puts you in charge of your health outcomes.

WebbleMove! is unique in a number of ways and for a number of key reasons.  Check out the full list here.

  1. Ability to participate regularly (at work / school… anywhere)
    • Firstly, we give you the opportunity to participate in regular light physical activity at times and in places that other programs just don’t.  The exercises you choose are those that you feel comfortable in completing.  Research conducted in the development of WebbleMove! identified that although existing workplace exercise programs encouraged employee participation, most exercise tasks could only be conducted in personal time, meaning that the sedentary behaviour during worktime still remained as a risk factor for poor health.
  2. Well-rounded exercise program
    • Unlike other programs, WebbleMove! incorporates not only cardiovascular type activities, but also TheraBand® resistance-based exercises and gentle stretching, which form a key part of the physical activity guidelines for adults and children by the global leading American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).
  3. Built with sustainability
    • Due to the high number of temporary programs (marketed as events or challenges, etc) on offer for corporate health and wellbeing audiences, sustainability was front-of-mind in the development of WebbleMove!  While these programs do achieve great results for some participants as an approach.  For everyone the most sedentary some people feel like it’s just not for them, will get overtaken, lapped, defeated or just left in the dust on a previous map lost its about bettering yourself, with the help of your team mates (that you choose).
  4. Qualified professionals offering assessment
    • WebbleMove! offers that option to have university qualified Exercise Physiologists (EP) attend your workplace, school, hospital, aged-care facility, disabilities service client, to perform basic functional (fitness) tests such as BMI and grip-strength on participants, which is entered live into WebbleMove!   At regular intervals, the EP attends the venue/person and can assist them to enhance their subsequent physical fitness scores.  This data can then be provided in an unidentified form to WebbleMove! administrators to show true values in participant health and wellbeing.

When prompted (ideally at regular intervals throughout the day), simply complete the demonstrated exercise task to score Webbles (physical activity points), which contribute to your own score as well as any teams you are part of.  Being part of a team (2 or more people) is a great idea, and will help you get the most out of your participation experience.

The scheduling of your exercises can be modified by your account administrator (organisation representative), the default for which is 5 minutes per hour.

Absolutely.  In fact, WebbleMove! was developed with social networks as central to your participation.  Forming teams and communicating via the inbuilt social media, makes keeping regularly active just part of the experience in keeping each other moving.

Webbles can be gained by completing any WebbleMove! prompted task, which can include resistance-band, cardio-based, body weight, stretching or mindfulness tasks.  These can be scheduled at a time convenient to you, but are best targeted at times you are most likely to be sedentary (at work, in class, etc).  Additionally extra points can be achieved for after work and weekend exercises that are completed over and above any typical activity (where enabled).

WebbleMove! points are called “Webbles”, and are proportional to real world (scientifically calculated) energy expediture values for certain tasks over a period of time.

So what is a MET?

A MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) is a ratio of your working metabolic rate relative to your resting metabolic rate (over the same amount of time).

Basically, its a simple way to represent energy expenditure as a result of performing a physical activity, where 1 MET is what energy you consume while at rest (aka sitting).  An exercise task of 5 METs means you’re using 5x the energy comparative to sitting still.

Using a peer-reviewed reference of tasks (based on hour durations), WebbleMove! automatically calculates your METs which we automatically convert to “Webbles.”  To find out more about METs, read this.

So where do Webble Guys stand on sit-stand desks?  Not on top of them anyway.

As new research is proving, sit-stand desks have limited potential to make users physically active.  (One of many articles here).

As our resident Director of Research, Dr Darren Webb says, “While sit-stand desks have become a popular office fixture and are a step in the right direction, unfortunately they don’t offer even an actual step.”  Contrasting this elevated (did you see what I did there) approach, WebbleMove! takes the concept of staying regularly active to a whole new level (#PunGenius).  Actual movement is the only way you’ll ever offset your sedentary health risk factors, keep that metabolism cranking and gain a tangible health benefit.  More info here.

You may post text, as well as size-limited images and videos to your personal / team profiles, which we strongly encourage you to do on a regular basis.  Doing this helps others share your journey and as a result you become a key part of theirs.

While we do provide WebbleMove! account guidelines (see legal page), we need to point out that we are not the fun police and offer your account for you to use for “the right reasons.”  In situations where WebbleMove! is offered through an organisation, the monitoring of WebbleMove! posts will be subject to that organisation’s (i.e. employee) guidelines and management review, aka, don’t post something that would not be appropriate for your manager’s approval.

Likewise, posts that are offensive, defamatory, abusive, promote or comprise of criminal (i.e. pornography) or terrorist activities will be referred to the appropriate state and federal authorities.  Use of WebbleMove! as a means to sustainably harass another user will be considered cyberbullying and similarly referred to the relevant authorities.

Very little – everything is provided via a web browser meaning IT requirements and impact are minimal.  If you do have issues accessing Webblemove.com.au, this may be because your organisation has restricted access to this domain.  If this is the case, contact your IT manager for organisational access.

Other than that, click here to Get Started.

As outlined in our Privacy Policy (available here), the data we collect is directly related to the service we offer you as a registered WebbleMove! user.

Information we collect includes: your name, email address and the organisation you may be associated with (if any).  We also record WebbleMove! data such as exercises selected/completed, and any exercise physiologist or user entered data.

As payments are handled by Stripe, we don’t store any credit card or other billing information.

There are a number of ways you can stay updated with the latest from WebbleMove!

  • Connect with us via any of our social media platforms, found in the footer links below.
  • As a registered member you will receive a brief fortnightly email showcasing all the latest happenings with WebbleMove!
  • Your own WebbleMove! administrator may choose to provide you with a further email or post featuring more local content.

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