Don't just take our word for it, here are some WebbleMove! testimonials showing lives being changed.

“After years of suffering with chronic back pain, your program has had a significant effect on reducing this by up to an estimated 90%. I am also now much happier at work and even my sleep has improved due to a reduction in pain.”

“Employed as a workplace trainer, I encouraged my trainees to participate with TheraBand® exercise every time I was prompted as a research participant. I found this was extremely well adopted, improving trainee learning focus and completely avoiding the 3.30pm slump, commonplace with long days of sedentary computer-based training.”

“As a result of participation, I have felt more energetic upon arriving home, have started walking more which encouraged my husband to walk with me and as a result he as lost weight. In a case of leading by example, our kids now also walk more instead of spending so much time in front of the television and PlayStation.”

Other participant comments include

“Overall I feel really good, I didn’t realise how good it would make me feel and I’m also more productive.”

“Once I got into a routine, I could plan my work around it.”

“Made people more aware that an hour comes around so often and that without this prompt, typically many hours pass by without any awareness of significant sitting time.”

“I’m now motivated to do more exercise outside work and I feel like my posture improved.”

“After a little while people think it’s normal.” (regarding new active workplace culture).”

“Felt like I wanted to do my stretches at the weekend.”

“The software is very easy to use and just makes sense.”

“I used to feel lethargic after lunch, the exercise breaks every hour have hugely improved it.”

“Felt mentally better.”

“It’s great to have the ability to sync up exercises with your workmate.”

“I have more motivation to do other active things after work, like go for a walk or go to the gym.”
“I look forward to the exercises.”
“I didn’t realise I’d been sitting for so long without a break.”

“I’m able to concentrate more and remain focused for longer.”

“Nice to have the official time to do the exercises and it’s good to know that you’re not being frowned upon.”

“Stretches move different muscles than just walking to someone’s desk.”


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