What is WebbleMove!

The problem

Sitting for long periods of time represents a serious risk to your health.

With more and more technology driven tasks embedded in our lives, we now often sit for long periods of time in one position with little to no movement.  Our bodies are not designed for this and its been well proven that physical inactivity significantly elevates our risk for a variety of chronic lifestyle diseases, including: cardiovascular disease, overweight / obesity, type II diabetes, dementia, many types of cancer, and even reduced life expectancy.

Additionally there is now considerable evidence linking sedentary behaviour with poorer mental health and reduced cognitive performance.

Research over the last decade has further identified that even going to the gym after work, doesn’t reduce the independent risk factor of sitting for hour after hour during the workday.  So while it’s undoubtedly relatable that being at a desk all day call leave you feeling energyless and unmotivated, for those people who don’t do much exercise (or any) the health risks are even worse.

Economically, it's not good either

Deloitte’s estimates of Australia’s healthcare expenditure and lost productivity costs associated with physical inactivity in 2016, were reported as being almost AU$70 billion dollars.

The challenge up until now has been, how to provide a range of suitable low-impact exercises in the workplace office, school classroom, etc that can be conveniently performed while at the desk and provide a management-endorsed opportunity for real humans to improve both their physical activity uptake at the same time improving social corporate cultures.

Fortunately, there is a solution

WebbleMove! is an easily customisable, physical activity demonstration and prompting program which can be accessed anywhere offering the opportunity to be regularly active.  By following simple character animations, WebbleMovers are encouraged to complete simple and safe exercise physiologist approved tasks, which earn them “Webbles” (physical activity points).  Participants can additionally invite others to form teams, compete and communicate through the integrated social media platform.
WebbleMove! is designed for deployment within corporate, school, hospital and aged-care settings where the collective opportunity for fun and engaging, safe, low-impact physical activity is currently limited.

Webble Anywhere

WebbleMove! offers a unique way to integrate several positive health and social elements into an organisation’s daily workflow, and offers regular Physical Activity (PA) tasks  that include: cardiovascular (aerobic), resistance (strength and conditioning) and stretching (flexibility) activity prompts.  Mindfulness and health information facts are also offered based upon subscription level.

Designed to engage with even the most sedentary person (employee, student, aged-care resident or patient), at a level they can choose, WebbleMove! has already proven effective in helping individuals discover the benefits of regular movement for themselves.

What does WebbleMove! do:

  • Regularly prompts PA tasks (resistance, flexibility & basic cardio) to be completed wherever you are (i.e. at the desk)
  • Tracks task completion and allows teams to be formed for enjoyable organisation-based (i.e. workplace, classroom, etc) competition
  • Enables individual, team and corporate communications to promote PA and social cohesion within the organisation
  • Changes existing organisation sedentary health risk cultures that focus on risk mitigation (i.e. RSI software), into those that promote preventative health and wellbeing among participants (i.e. employees, students, patients, etc).

This what a participant experiences when prompted by WebbleMove!

WebbleMove! can easily be managed by an organisational representative (OSH or Wellbeing person) or further enhanced with the on-site (or remote) support of university qualified and Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) accredited Exercise Physiologists (EPs) who provide a strong preventatively focused and hands-on approach to establishing and maintaining sustainable participation.

By combining easy-to-follow exercise animations and team supportive communication, WebbleMove! gives participants the opportunity to take control of their own health, while offering an organisation the chance to create healthier and socially active cultures, wherever their people are.

Administration screenshots

Physical activity prompt screenshots

Physical activity schedule screenshots

Social screenshots


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