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Do you realise sitting in a chair all day might be killing you?

The facts are in, sitting for prolonged periods of time has the same unheathy effect no matter how active might be outside of work. It is probably also no surprise that being at a desk all day can leave you feeling energyless and unmotivated.

There has been a great deal of coverage in recent studies and in the media lets explain why:

It’s no surprise in our technology driven world that sitting at a computer screen all day has serious impacts on human health.  Scientific evidence shows us that even for those that are physically fit, by going to the gym, are at just as much risk as the rest of us where they remain sedentary for long periods throughout the day.  For those who don’t do much exercise (or any) the health risks are even worse.

The challenge up until now has been, how to provide a range of suitable low-impact exercises in the workplace that can be conveniently performed while at the desk and provide a social opportunity for the workplace to improve both the physical activity and corporate cultures of the orgnaisation.

“WebbleMove! is a physical activity prompting and team support-based health platform that puts you in charge of your own health outcome

Offering a product that meets the current research knowledge, a gap not yet covered by current market corporate health and wellness solutions, WebbleMove! integrates a number of key health and social elements to safely and effectively integrate regular physical activity (PA) tasks into daily workflow.  Far from being just another “app” to promote PA among health conscious and motivated users, WebbleMove! uniquely allows for completely customisable, schedulable prompts, exercise type and intensities to be adopted with employee-recognised management approval.  WebbleMove! is designed to engage with even the most sedentary employees such as those in call centres or others with sedentary roles and are at greatest risk of prolonged physical inactivity.

What does WebbleMove! do:

  • Regularly prompts PA tasks (resistance, flexibility & basic cardio) to be completed at the desk,
  • Tracks task completion and allows teams to be formed for enjoyable workplace competition,
  • Enables individual, team and corporate communications to promote PA and social cohesion within the workplace,
  • Changes organisation sedentary health risk cultures that focus on risk mitigation (i.e. RSI software) into those that promote preventative health and wellbeing among employees.

WebbleMove! can be run in two modes: Software alone (self-managed) or additionally with the support of exercise physiologists (EPs) and university practicum students who provide a strong preventatively focussed and hands-on approach to establishing and maintaining employee participation, in addition to employee peer support, through regular visits.

By combining easy-to-follow exercise animations and team supportive communication, WebbleMove! gives you the opportunity to take control of your own health, improve morale and provide a structure where management can create the environment to improve staff health and morale quickly and easily.